I love being Jew

I love eating an apple when people sit in a restaurant beside the sea having the best smelling pizza of the world. I love shutting down my cellphone when the rest of the world is still fighting for currencies, shares, stocks and internet connections. I love wearing a long skirt while there, at the garden, women dress like men or a piece of cloth instead of a skirt. I love reading from right to left while the most part of the world sees all the letters only in the opposite direction. I love telling my children the stories about rabbis who lived 2000 years ago in the same exact way we are living today. I love waking up every morning washing my hands and thanking G-d for having given to me another chance. I love calling my children with names that to someone sound exotic, to another some strange and that for me taste as the flavor of strong traditions and heritance. I love passiinb beside a door and seeming a crazy person to those who are looking at me, kissing that pieve of plastic, silver of wood, that contains the main points of my faith. I love closing my eyes on the past day while closing my eyes with my right hand and saying good night to G-d once again. I love all this kind of restrictions, limits, obligations, duties. Because they give me real freedom. I am not slave of internet, of time or of money. I am not slave of fashion, of star system, of other gods except mine. I love being jew. Because this means being different, choosing a path that is hard, full of obstacles, but original. And makes you grow through small details, which everyone counts for you to be better tomorrow than today.


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  1. Anat

     /  June 14, 2012

    Beautiful! Shabat shalom.


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