When a Rebbe changed a world

It was not easy to stand for 10-12 hours, smiling at and blessing the person who was standing in front, as it was the first and only one. While there, just behind that man or woman, the was a queue that arrived four blocks further.

Being a leader means giving a special value to each person.

It was not simple to receive hundred and hundred of letters every day and answer to each one as it was written by your best friend.

Being a leader means being able to listen.

It wasn’t usual to send just married couples at the other limit of the world with the only goal to awaken and renew judaism between people who forgot who they are.

Being a leader means to be able to convince people they can really change the world.

Not everybody accepted the idea of putting tfilin around an arm able to bring non kosher food to its mouth and switch a light during shabat. An arm so important as the person to whom it belonged only because it was jew.

Being a leader means to love everybody and not judging anybody.

It was not a common scene to see prime ministers, presidents, generals and scientist all coming to take an advice from the same person. Who usually was not even graduated in the topic he was giving precious advices about.

Being a leader means to be searched for your wisdom and ability to solve impossible problems.

Not everybody is able to pray for the sake and healing of people never seen before. With the same concentration and devotion as a father does for his son.

Being a leader means to care for every single member of the group. More than for you.

Not everybody had the courage to speak and shout about the right of Israel to keep all its lands for itself. And the absolute danger there is in giving a piece of land in change of something our enemies really don’t want. Though international pressure and political wars, Israel had to stand for its right to exist without compromises and mean ways.

Being a leader means to do something that most of the people are scared to do.

No one was speaking of mashiach, of better times, of prophecies becoming true of bottons to shine as the last step for the redemption.

Being a leader means to have a vision and being able to share it with the whole world.

Leaders are there because there is work to do.

There are people who need, problems to solve.

Challenges to undertake, dreams to be shared.

Leaders know when it’s time to light on a candle instead of staying there criticizing the dark that is everywhere.

A leader is there 24/24, 7/7 to serve his people.

These are only a few features of a person who dedicated every minute of his life to make this world a dwell for G-d and a better place for life.

Rebbe, may we deserve to see you again with our flesh eyes.


I love being Jew

I love eating an apple when people sit in a restaurant beside the sea having the best smelling pizza of the world. I love shutting down my cellphone when the rest of the world is still fighting for currencies, shares, stocks and internet connections. I love wearing a long skirt while there, at the garden, women dress like men or a piece of cloth instead of a skirt. I love reading from right to left while the most part of the world sees all the letters only in the opposite direction. I love telling my children the stories about rabbis who lived 2000 years ago in the same exact way we are living today. I love waking up every morning washing my hands and thanking G-d for having given to me another chance. I love calling my children with names that to someone sound exotic, to another some strange and that for me taste as the flavor of strong traditions and heritance. I love passiinb beside a door and seeming a crazy person to those who are looking at me, kissing that pieve of plastic, silver of wood, that contains the main points of my faith. I love closing my eyes on the past day while closing my eyes with my right hand and saying good night to G-d once again. I love all this kind of restrictions, limits, obligations, duties. Because they give me real freedom. I am not slave of internet, of time or of money. I am not slave of fashion, of star system, of other gods except mine. I love being jew. Because this means being different, choosing a path that is hard, full of obstacles, but original. And makes you grow through small details, which everyone counts for you to be better tomorrow than today.