Will your grandchildren be Jewish?

Go around and look. For a logic reason for Jewish survival. Look for the explanation through the physical boundaries of a land that has been dreamt for thousands years but reached only some more than a half century ago. That land so yearned was a common denominator for Jews spread all around the world. But even without living there, even on the opposite sides of mountains and sea, even so far away, Jews could exist. That land explains partly the secret. But not all. Shift your attention on the Jewish culture. The way of writing, the ability of looking at the daily troubles with humor lenses, the courage of asking questions and trying to find a philosophical answer, the usage of musical notes to transmit hope. That culture was a common denominator for that nation which you could find in the four corners of the earth. But even those who did not know how to write a nice novel, to compose a touching melody, or repeat by heart Aristo’s quotes, could survive thorough time and pogroms. That culture explains only partially that above the nature phenomena. Pick up the Hebrew language. Its unique characters, its infinite combinations, its high diffusion among Jews, its being the Esperanto ancestor. Many Jewish families spoke this language. But, through history, many even did not. And though, even if they spoke Spanish and Ladino, Yiddish and French and could not understand the meaning of many Hebrew words in their prayer books, they were able to go on breathing through history and centuries. That language used to create the world can explain only a part of that irrational happening. Open and read. A research article conducted by Antony Gordon and Richard Horowitz a few years ago. In which they try to find an explanation for Jewish survival. Through statistics, numbers and graphics. In which they try to find out the secret combination, that magic common denominator that made the Jewish nation arrive until now despite all prognostics. In front of a big crowd, of intellectuals and professors, they stand on a Harvard podium and declare. That there is only one way for guaranteeing your grandchildren will be Jewish. And it consists in going on and teaching to respect Shabat, keep kosher, put on Tefilin. In one simple sentence, staying attached to mitzvoth. If you want to answer yes to this question, just rinse down your family ground with that gift given to Moses on Mount Sinai more than 3,300 years ago: the Torah.


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  1. Velenia

     /  May 23, 2012

    Carissima,scusa se scrivo in italiano,ma l’inglese lo so leggere ma non lo so più scrivere correttamente,sono d’accordo,anche per noi il primo luogo di trasmissione della fede è la famiglia,i figli imparono ciò che vivono e vedono vivere ai genitori.
    Veramente sei così giovane (39) e hai già 7 figli?Che bellezza!
    Io ne ho 4 ( e uno in Cielo).
    Non mi resta che augurarti mazel tov ( è corretto?)
    Un abbraccio.

    • cara Velenia,
      un giorno capirò perché scrivo in inglese. Forse perché mi fa volare con la mente verso lettori transoceanici…non immagini quanto piacere mi faccia trovare persone come voi. ora ho 40 anni (quando ho aperto il blog ne avevo 39). ma i 7 figli grazie a D-o ci sono davvero. e la prima, a cui ho dedicato i primi post di questo blog, si è sposata il primo di gennaio.
      Benvenuta a te e a tutti quelli che mi danno un po’ più di speranza per un futuro migliore:)


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