Do not open that box! Risk of panic!

There are some times in which you are just afraid to reveal reality. The thing is there but you cannot handle it. And you leave it there for days, weeks, months. Like a ticket you think you shouldn’t pay. Like a telephone bill for the only month in which you swear you did not speak with anybody. So that box is there. Closed. I don’t dare opening it. Because reality would fly around my room. Filling my brain and the air I breath. Truth would hit me as sun during midday. And I would really become a mother of a bride. And a mother in law. Now it is written there, black on white. Ink on real paper. Tangible proof of an event is really happening. Evidence of a future day. Now it is lying there. Closed. The box with the invitations for the wedding. The ink is resting, maybe still digesting the news. No one can blame me. Because no one knows my secret. Except for you, of course…


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  1. m.p.

     /  November 2, 2011



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