Always be precise…

In front of the Cohanim, hearing the voices of those who ask G-d to blesa us, I can only ask that G-d protects always, in every moment and place, my children. May he grant them health,respect of G-d and love for His torah, success, happiness and good life mates. and so, repeating this prayer for infinite years and times, I could only hope that it will become true.  These are my feelings, when hearing that same ancient melody of the cohanim, the same softness of your hair, the same smell. As 19 years ago. Like a bird left to fly away becuase you know that there, in the sky, it will feel good and free, I have to rejoice sending you away. thinking of you in New York or Israel.  I need to smile thinking of you on the next year in this date, with G-d’s help, opening a prayer book in a different synagouge than ours. eating a soup with a different taste. you will be there. and I will be here. thanking G-d for having listened to my prayers and telling myself that sometimes, when you pray, you have to be more precise in your requests. so the next year I will add. Please G-d gite my children wonderful life mates. living at a maximum distance of a block away from my home…Thank you

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